OK950A Affelgunarvél


Suitable for 12 inch to 24 inch stiff,wide,flat and low-profile tyres;
·With self-centering function
·Clamping system with stepping function;
·With quick inflation device for tubeless tires
·Air reserve tank build- in the vertical column
·With adjusting & calibrating functions in the 4 clamps on the turntable
·Rubber-pad mount/demounting head
·Angles of mount/demount head can be adjusted & calibrated
·Robotic arm (Optional)
·Polymer mount/demount head of high quality prevent damage to the rim (Optional)

Technical Data

  Power supply/ Motor power                110V/220V/380V 1.1/0.75KW
  Pneumatic supply                                0.8-1.2MPa
  Rim clamping range ( External )           13-24
  Rim clamping Range( Internal )            15-26
  Bead loosening force                            2500kg
  Max.wheel diameter                             1100mm
  Max.wheel width                                  15
  Noise:                                                   <70db
  N.W./G.W.                                            320kg/375kg
  Shipping dimensions                            1200×950×860(mm)




OK580 Ballancevél

New software ensures working of the machine stable and precise with a streamline appearance

·Many balancing ways to suit different wheel structures
·Many optional wheel-positioning ways
·Self-calibrating program to ensure a long service life
·Measurement units conversion Function (gram-ounce )
·Display of trouble diagnosis to make maintenance more convenient
·Protective Hood (Optional)

Technical Data

 Power supply/ Motor power            110V/220V 250W
 Max. Wheel weight                           70kg
 Rim width                                         1.5-20(38-508mm)
 Rim diameter                                    10-24(254-610mm)
 Imbalance Resolution                          ±1g
 Cycle time6-9s
 Working ambient                             5°C-40°C
 Noise                                                <70db
 N.W./G.W.                                       90kg/130kg
 Shipping dimensions                       0.9×0.7×1.25m



Applicable to 14”-26”


Max .wheel weight        500KG
Max. wheel width          780mm
Max. outer diameter of tyre      1600mm
Clamping range                14″-26″(355-660.4mm)
Driving power of Hydraulic Pump            1.1Kw 380v-3PH
Driving Power of Gear Motor    1.8Kw 380v-3PH
N.W./G.W.         585kg/640kg
Min. inner diameter of rim         130-510mm
Max. Sliding distance of mount/demount arm  48″(1214mm)




  Power supply /voltage 220V/50Hz
  Power  1000W
  Single-heating power    500W
  Max. current     10A
  Vulcanizing-temperature(shoe)              140-150
  Vulcanizing-temperature(tube)               120-130





 UPPSELD en vęntanleg

Power supply    380V/550W
Max. Wheel weight       200kg
Rim width range              3″-20″(76.2-508mm)
Rim diameter range.      10″-24″(254-609.6mm)
Max. wheel diameter. 50″(1280mm)
Imbalance Resolution:  ±1g/±5g
Cycle time          6-9s
Pneumatic supply           0.4-0.8Mpa
Working ambient:           5°C-40°C
Noise:   <70db
N.W./G.W.         320kg/437kg



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